Available Models

Model Number                                       Description 

  • DBS-12K                                           12” Stainless Steel Burning Spur

  • DBS-16K                                           16” Stainless Steel Burning Spur

  • DBS-22K                                           22” Stainless Steel Burning Spur

  • DBS-31K                                           31” Stainless Steel Burning Spur

  • DBS-36K                                           36” Stainless Steel Burning Spur


Stainless Steel Burning Spur

Burning Spur and Burning Spur Kits


  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Unique design for natural drainage
  • Internal dam built inside the center of the Burning Spur hub helps prohibit water flowing back into the gas line
  • Legs feature a pitched design - water runs off
  • Cooling points between the legs help prevent heat transfer to the outer edge which can cause cracking of the fire pit finished top
  • Bottom features weep holes for water release so there is no freeze and thaw damage
  • Stock Sizes: 12”, 16” 22” 31” and 36” (measured tip to tip)
  • LP Conversion Kits available