Sample Colors

  • Buff (left)
  • Grey (right)

Buff Sandstone gas fireplace surround. A timeless, one-of-a-kind piece.

Available Colors

  • Buff
  • Grey
  • Bullnose
  • Tapered

Sandstone Specifications

Stock Thickness

  • 2.5"


  • Sawn Cut
  • Rock Faced
  • Beveled

Common Uses

Restoration and masonry repair work are the most common uses for sandstone. Here are some other common uses:

  • Steps
  • Platforms/Landings
  • Wall Cap
  • Pier Cap
  • Pool Coping

Buff Sandstone Porch Top

Recent Projects


Ohio Toprock masonry fireplace with sandstone hearth, mantel and wraps.

  • Hearth Stones
  • Mantels
  • Window Sills/Wraps
  • Patio Stone

About Sandstone

Sandstone has been used as a building stone material for thousands of years and we are continuously discovering new uses for it. Its beauty, durability and strength are only a few reasons why it is chosen as a top building stone material. Here are some other benefits of using Sandstone:

  • Elegant colors
  • Abrasive, non-slip surfaces
  • Resists erosion
  • Handles water and temperature changes
  • Beautiful veining