#411 Crushed Limestone

#411 Crushed Limestone is a mixture of screenings and #57 limestone. This mixtures compacts into a very structurally sound base for paver patios and walkways.

  • Flagstone Patio and Paver Base

Limestone Screenings #10

Limestone screenings are a very fine grade crushed limestone, primarily used as a base material for patios and walkways.

  • Flagstone Patio and Paver Base
  • Paver, Brick and Stone Joint filling
  • Bicycle Paths
  • Regrading

Limestone Gravel 

Limestone base material uses a variety of different sized limestone gravels, depending on the structural integrity of the surface it will compact above. Some hardscapes may require a #411 which has a variety of limestone sizes. Or some may require a simple #57 limestone which is only one size. The stone varies from project to project, so feel free to ask us for advice when it comes to choosing a limestone base material.

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