i-luma 5mm Masonry Light

  • 5mm LED light strip precut in 3”, 6”, 9” or 12” lengths
  • Easy Plug T-cable with two 9” leads and 30” lead to light fixture
  • Available in in black and white poly-carbonate tubing
  • Available in clear white and warm yellow LED
  • 1.6 Watts per foot

Do you have an existing structure that you would like to under-light?

The i-luma 5mm Masonry/Hardscape light system is exactly what you need.

  • Retrofit any hardscape
  • Easy Plug system
  • Installs in minutes
  • Low Voltage DC Power

 Masonry/Hardscape LED Lighting

  • Unique LED lighting display with removable bulb
  • Powder coated metal housing
  • 6” Easy PlugTM ”T” wiring harness
  • Available in Clear White and Warm Yellow LED
  • 0.75 Watt

Save with i-lighting Hardscape Lighting

  • Monthly savings in energy cost on electric bills (estimated to be at 80%).
  • The fact that they will not have to replace light bulbs and spend these additional dollars.
  • The LED bulbs are not hot and will not cause burns.
  • Insects are not attracted to LED lighting.

Lifetime Warranty

All I-Lighting LLC kits include a one-year warranty on kit materials and workmanship, effective the day that you take delivery of your I-Lighting System kit.

There is a lifetime warranty on the LED lights.

I-Lighting LLC will replace any kit part returned to us during the one year warranty period at no cost. The warranty is invalid if the installation of your I-Lighting LLC kit is not completed in accordance with the installation instructions provided with your kit, including any modifications from the original state of the kit, or if you abused and/or do not maintain your kit properly.

LED Masonry & Hardscape Lighting

Showcase masonry walls, columns and pillars with i-lighting’s masonry light without the fear of bulbs burning out. When a light bulbs fails on a traditional masonry light the stone wall must be torn down to replace the fixture. Along with i-lighting’s LED masonry light rated to last 50,000 hours, it also is designed with a easily removable bulb.

All masonry lights come ready to install with a built in Easy PlugTM Y-Connector. The Easy PlugTM connector cables space the lights where desired. Connector cables are available in 5′,10′,15′,20′, 25′, 30′ and 50′ lengths. If you already have i-lighting lights installed on your deck or stairs you can plug into the existing system, if not you must purchase a power supply.