For best results always use a bonding agent when installing Veneerstone directly over concrete, masonry, stucco, brick and block.

Apply mortar for a scratch coat.

Rack mortar to create scratch coat. Allow to dry.

Apply mortar to the entire back of the stone.

Strike all of the joints of excess mortar.

Brush off excess mortar with dry brush.

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Step 11

Step 12

Mix mortar.

Step 3

Tips for Installing Veneerstone Over Masonry and Brick

Step 1

Step 2

Install Water Resistive Barriers. (exterior applications)

Install corrosion resistant metal lath. 

Step-By-Step Easy Installation Instructions

We carry all of the materials needed for stone/brick veneer installation. 

Tools Required

Tools you will need for Installation...

  • Hammer

  • Wheel Barrow & Hoe or Bucket & Drill Paddle
  • Notched Float
  • Circular Saw with Masonry Blade
  • Mason's Trowel
  • Grout Bag
  • Jointing Tool
  • Whisk Broom

Install corner stones first.

Install flat stones next.

Using a grout bag, fill all of the joints.

Trim stones to fit, using a skill saw or press brake.

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