Gator Rock Bond Kit

Rock and Binder kit Keeps stones in place.

Gator Rock Bond is a one component binder, that mixed with riverstone creates a durable permeable and decorative surface. Great for garden pathways where erosion and drainage is a concern.

Included in Pail: Liquid Binding agent (500ml). Riverstone (18 kg / 40 lb).

Porous and permeable.
Keeps stones in place.
Reduce maintenance & clean up.
Durable in extreme conditions.

Ideal For
Banding, edging, and trimming.
Tree wells.

Application Instructions:

1) Prepare a solid base by densely compacting 4” (10 cm) of crushed stones.
2) Mix one 1/2 quart (473 ml) container of Gator Rock Bond with the dry clean riverstone (40 lb/18.2 kg) provided for for 4 minutes.
3) Trowel the mixed riverstone on the surface desired, within 20 min. after mixing.