Design Let us design your interior or exterior project with our state of the art 3D design rendering. Endless possibilities are just around the corner..

Design Stages

  • Design Consultation
  • Rough Draft
  • 2nd Round Critique
  • ‚ÄčMaterial Selections
  • Finalized Construction Plans

Design   -    Fabricate   -    Supply   -   Build

Our Design Process

  • After our initial consultation with our clients we begin the design phase. By this stage we have gathered information about your lifestyle, family values and of course the project ideas you've been dreaming of. This is where we begin our initial 3D visual concept. The "Rough-Draft" stage of the design process. Here, you will get to see what your dreams can look like in a state of the art 3D rendering which includes; images, videos, sound effects, and more. Fall in love at first sight or critique our designer on any changes you would consider. From here we can move on the "2nd Design" round where can an implement and changes or ideas you have after viewing the initial concept. The first two stages of the design process can be short and sweet or extensive depending on your project size and design wants. Once we have a concept dialed in, we can move onto material selection. This is where the 3D rendering comes to the rescue for most of our clients. Our designer can input actual material selections into the 3D rendering and show our clients exactly what their finished project will look like. This stage is also what sets our company apart from our competitors. We have the largest product selection available and our knowledge about the products we offer is even greater. The last stage of the design process is the construction plans. This is the lifeline of our installation crew. Our foreman and crews will use this highly detailed construction layout to turn complete your backyard space.