Outdoor Kitchens

Natural Gas Fire Feature

Build - We build quality structures, whether it's the stone veneer on your new home or an outdoor living space, our team builds to highest standards in the industry. 

Covered Outdoor Living spaces

Design  -  Fabricate  -  Supply  -  Build

Masonry Fireplaces

Natural Flagstone Patio

Built-in Grill & Custom Bar

Interior Fireplaces 

Our Building Process

  • There is only one way to build, the RIGHT way and thats the only way American Natural Stone & Supply builds for our clients. It's a culture within our company and its been engraved in our DNA since our grandfather built his first home by hand more that 60 years ago.

​Starting off on the right foot....

  • From the start our clients will fully understand our building process or the "How and Why" as we like to call it. One of the main reasons our past clients chose to do work with our company is because of how detail oriented we are during the build. We not only explain what we are doing but why we are doing it, our clients can expect to learn a lot while we work with them.​

​During the Build...

  • We may be working on a project for our clients for as little as a day or as long as a few months, but we want them to feel completely at home while we are there. Consider our crews an extended family as they will be most likely making noise but will remain respectful, courteous and fun the whole time. 

Finishing Up...

  • Your project will ultimately come to an end, and we can only hope that we have exceeded your expectations. Your project manager will overview the entire project from start to finish and ensure 110% satisfaction. He will also review things such as our "American Standard" warranty, future maintenance recommendations and much more. At this stage we usually celebrate a successful project and toast to a new friendship.