Ohio Top Rock

Ohio Top Rock is a popular stone for landscaping in Northeast Ohio. They can range in size from a football all the way up to the size of a car. Whether you have a small landscape wall, or you want a large outcropping boulder, Ohio Top Rock is a valid choice. These sandstone boulders are typically covered in moss from years of saturation, you can use them in a water feature and its like they have always been there.

Stone Specifications:

Sizes: Small to Extra Large (25 -4,000 lbs)

Colors: Browns/Tans/Mossy

Pallet Size: 3,000 lbs +


  • Landscape Walls
  • Outcropping
  • Decorative Stones

Sandstone Boulders

Sandstone boulders offer a different look than that of the granite boulder. They have not been tumbled down a river to get a round look. Instead that have been broken off or quarried out of larger stone masses. This gives these sandstone boulders a more drastic and defined look.

Stone Specifications:

Sizes: Medium to Extra Large (200 - 2,000 lbs)

Colors: Tan/Rust

Non Palletized

River Crest Granite Boulders

River Crest Boulders come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are the perfect boulder for any size project and being made of granite, they will last time the end of time.

Stone Specifications:

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Jumbo

Colors: Varies Extremely - Pinks, Tans, Browns, Greys, etc.

Pallet Size: 3,000 lbs

Boulders, Outcropping Rock, River Rock

We have over 200 Tons of limestone, sandstone and granite boulders in stock at all times. Whether you need small granite boulders to line a flower bed, or you need large outcropping boulders to make a statement with your landscape, we carry all of your boulder needs.